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It has been a fantastic month so far for fesschain as we have not only made our Whitepaper, Prototype, and Explainers live but also about to start our Pre-IEO live from August 1, 2019. Additionally, a strategic partnership with BitCoinus has also been made in the month of July.

In fact, this would not be justified with fesschain as we want our beloved crypto community to ‘WISH WITH FESS’

We teased a product fesschain is bringing in the month of June. Now we are bringing all of you one inch closer to our much-awaited Product. With this post, we are offering you the glimpse to our first product

Fesspay will be the first revelation of fesschain and it will be a Unique Payment Solution being launched ever in crypto space. Very soon you need not worry about the payment settlements as #FessPayHaiNa

For the rest of the details, you need to wait for a while as the final product launch will take place in no time.
And yes please do not forget to take part in the upcoming Pre-IEO sale with an option of three exchanges.


Read Whitepaper | Explainer 1 | Explainer 2  | Visit Site

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