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First Prototype of Fesschain is Out!

It’s our immense pleasure to share this Great News with all of fesschain followers and supporters. Where most of the projects in blockchain space couldn’t even step forward after promises, we at Fess challenge ourselves to deliver before making any promises and yes we’ve blown away another obstacle within the month of June only. Fesschain Prototype 1.1 
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Fesschain Prototype 1.1

Presenting First Version of Fesschain Block

This prototype is showing a test block running on the fess blockchain. You can see inputs being fed to the blocks and in fractions of seconds, it is reverting with the desired results. This is a basic block test on fess’ blockchain but soon we will be able to bring an app based test run for you with better UI and UX.

Fesschain Prototype 1.1

This is not it as we will be coming with more surprises in the next couple of days. Our Whitepaper is almost ready to be out before all of you. Though we want a small favor from you as well. You can tell your friends and colleagues about Fesschain and how it is about to change the way you are transacting to date.

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2 thoughts on “First Prototype of Fesschain is Out!

  1. First prototype means? Many version of prototype will be come?
    Sorry for noob question, I am not into Tech Field.

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